Tomato sauce, chili sauce on packaging requirements


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Tomato sauce, chili sauce can be seen from the production and production of ketchup and chili sauce from ketchup and chili sauce. These two types of contents have several common: the first point, all It belongs to the fluid substance; the second point is rich in vitamins, carotene and other materials, the two types of substances are biased to acidic; the fourth point, both belong to the perishable food; fifth, two kinds of substances There is a grease component. So in common, the packaging requirements are as follows: 1, the packaging bag requires acid resistance: 2, the inner layer of the packaging film needs to have anti-pollution, otherwise it will lead to a good seal during the packaging operation: 3, both Foods belonging to different media, packaging requires anti-media; 4, when the two need to reach longer shelf life, the material is relatively low in oxygen transmittance, in other words, it is to pack it with high barrier film to ensure its items. Shelf period. The disinfection requirements of ketchups will be higher.

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