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    Perfume bottles often have a very high viewing and aesthetic value, belonging to a collection of artwork worth collection. But how to select a valuable collection goal in numerous perfume bottles, or have a certain type of access, and the following features can be used as a reference basis for collectors to choose perfume bottles.    Year: This is a major standard for judging the value of perfume bottles.

In general, the solemn perfume bottle in the production age, the higher the value of its collection and appreciation, this can experience the "long-term wicked" art from the brand of perfume bottle.    Shape: The shape of the perfume bottle is diverse, and the foreigners are endless, in addition to the traditional square, circular, heart, moon teeth, cones, inverted trapezoids, etc., there are many lack of fragrant perfume bottles.    Life: The perfume bottle of different origins records different national folk winds, and appreciates different cultural atmospheres.

French perfume bottles are known in the world in nearly a century, which has become a leader in leading trends.    Color: The color of the perfume bottle is equally beautiful. Generally, the transparent perfume bottles such as glass crystals are mostly light, such as shallow lemon yellow, light orange, light green, light blue, etc., especially shallow lemon yellow, because of lemon yellow and big Most perfume's color is very matched, and it can give people a good visual attraction.    Material: The perfume bottle we have seen is mainly based on glass and crystals, which is the result caused by the times, but before the 20th century, porcelain, 珐, etc., is used to make the raw materials of perfume bottles.

    Frame: As an important selling point, the fragrance of the perfume bottle also attracts people's eye. Through the body assembly frame, the perfume bottle can obtain the green leafflite effect, produce the value of art appreciation, and improve the taste of perfume.

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