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It can be seen from the top two phases of the beautiful fruit plastic science class. PET blow molding processes are very critical. Today, our technical experts have a comprehensive summary of these, so that more wants PET blowing The people of the molding process have a deeper understanding of this, and they also contribute a meager force for China. The production of the PET blow molding bottle is different from the preform of the billet, which can be divided into injection stretched blow molding (referred to as injection) and extruded tensile blow molding (referred to as crossing) two forming methods. The process of taking the process of blowing is, first injecting a bottom bottle blank, after cooling, the conveyor belt is continuously sent to the heating furnace (infrared or electric heating) is heated to the tensile temperature, and the bonding is incorporated by means of the pull-up mold To the stretch, it is finally blown by the blown blow.

The following is to discuss the process influencing factors of the preform of the preformed flap after reheating, tensile blow molding. 1 The equipment can be installed 4-40 molds, more than 60 or more, with a minimum of several thousand per hour, some can be 60,000. 2, the influencing factors in the process of shadowing are: flank and its heating, pre-blow (position, pressure, flow), tensile rod, high pressure blow (pressure, position), and mold, etc..

The bottle blank flank is also referred to as a parity, which is injected by the PET pellets, which requires the recovery ratio to exceed 10%, and the number of recovery cannot exceed two times. After injection molding, the bottle blank after heating must be cooled for 48 h, and the bottle storage time used can not be more than 6 months, different production dates, especially the interval, and the main reason is The raw materials used in the formicle, the secondary material proportion of mixed, and the residual stress in the formicle have a significant effect on the molding process of the blowing, and should be treated according to the actual situation. 2.2 Heating of the heating the bottle blank is accomplished by the heating furnace, and is automatically adjusted by manual setting.

The height of the heating furnace is preferably 25mm, and the conveying wheel is about 19.6 mm. The bottle blank is continuously running through the entire oven in the conveying wheel so that the bottle blank is extremely uniform, which can be better formed, overcome the shortcomings of the previous bottle stamp stationary heating, and the incarnation of incherent heat. However, if the heating furnace is not adjusted, the wall thickness of the blown bottle is uneven (such as the upper weight weight), the bottle mouth becomes exceeding the standard, the hard neck and other product defects, and even the torque failure of mechanical components.

2.3 The action of pre-blowing forward in the blown process is to initiate the shape of the bottle blank and increase its longitudinal strength longitudinally by the longitudinal direction of the stretch bar. The entire process is that the pre-blowing cam pushes the three-way valve to the pre-blow position during the blowing process, and is completed by the one-way valve. The pre-blow position, pressure and flow can affect the quality of the bottle.

2.4 Tensile rod tensile rod is a device that stretches the heated bottle blank while the pre-blowing is blown up, and it is reset before the exhaust gas is blown at high pressure. The tensile rod must be vertically smooth during the blowing process, the drive pressure is 0.55-0.8 MPa, and the gap of the bottom mold is 2.3-2.5 mm, that is, the thickness of the flank is 1 / 3-1 / 2. The gap is too large, causing the center point offset of the bottle; the gap is too small, the central point is thin.

2.5 High-pressure blowing high pressure is to make the melt to extend the melt, close to the mold wall, so that the bottle is fully molded, and perform 13 years focus on plastic blow mold production, blow molding toys, food container quality suppliers, equipped with professional European and American export standards Production operation line, full international standardization production process, multi-channel ring control quality inspection standard, quality delivery is guaranteed. Welcome to the professional blow molding toys, blow molding bottle manufacturers, beautiful fruit plastic official website Learn more. You can also call 24h service hotline: 4008030730 or + 86-15916785363 (WeChat at the same number), immediately consult the beautiful fruit plastic online customer service, the company is dedicated to serve you! .

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