PET blow molding bottle forming process, blow professional for your confusion (middle)


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In the previous phase, our beautiful art staff explained the factors affecting heat-resistant PET bottle in PET blow molding processes. In this issue, we will discuss the emergence of heat-resistant PET blow molding. The reason and solution of general quality problems and the solution bottleneck 1. Oil road blocking dredging molding oil circuit 2. Tensile rod exhaust hole clogging dredging pull rod blowing hole 3. Nozzle seal damage replacement nozzle seal center point 1 Pre-blowing pressure is too high to lower the prevoframe pressure 2. The pre-flow rate is too large to reduce the previl air flow 3. The pre-blow position is delayed. The previl position is delayed. Tensile rod sub-body gap is too large to adjust the tensile gap 6. The bottle temperature is too high to reduce the bottle blank set the temperature bottle bottom deformation 1. The bottom mold oil temperature is too high to reduce the thermal oil oil temperature 2. bottom die blowing valve Damage replacement bottom-mold blow valve 3. Bottle bottom temperature is too high to reduce the bottom of the bottom of the bottle blank 1. The previl pressure is too small to increase the previl pressure 2. The previl air flow is too small to increase the previl air Flow 3. Pre-blowing is too early to advance the hard neck 1. Insufficient neck heating, increase the neck heating, too large to reduce the previl pressure 3. The previl air flow is too large to reduce Blowing flow 4. Pre-blowing too early to delay the previl 5. The heating furnace position is too high to adjust the position of the heating furnace 6. Tensile rod speed slow inspection stretch gas cylinder syndrome is poorly formed 1. Mold compensation seal damage replacement compensation Sealed ring 2. Mold gap adjustment improper adjustment of the front side wall deformed in the mold interfoliation 1. Cool blowing time is too short to extend the cooling blow time 2. The mold temperature is too high to reduce the mold temperature 3. There is no cold gas in the drawing rod. Blowing maintenance pull rod blowing system After the sidewall deformation of the sidewall 1. Mold temperature is too low to improve the mold hot oil temperature 2. The prefillet setting temperature is too low to increase the flank setting temperature 3. Cooling blows too long reduced Cooling blowing time 4. Plastic distribution uneven adjustment of blowing process makes a uniform distribution 5. The hot oil flow is too small to clean the oil passage and the cleaning oil passage filter shrinkage. 1. The mold temperature is low to increase the mold temperature 2. Pump temperature Low improvement of the bottle setting temperature 3. Cool blowing time is too long to shorten the cooling blow time 4. The oil path blocking the diameter of the oil path is large or less. 1. The cooling blow time setting is not adjusted to the cooling blow time 2. Plastic distribution uneven adjustment process makes a distribution of 13 years focus on plastic blow molding, blow molding toys, food container quality suppliers, equipped with professional European and American export standard production operation line, full international standardization production process, multi-channel ring control quality inspection Standard, quality delivery is guaranteed. Welcome to the professional blow molding toys, blow molding bottle manufacturers, beautiful fruit plastic official website Learn more. You can also call 24h service hotline: 4008030730 or + 86-15916785363 (WeChat at the same number), immediately consult the beautiful fruit plastic online customer service, the company is dedicated to serve you! .

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