Plastic bottle screen printing technology troubleshoot


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   As the market is getting more and more personalized for packaging appearance, silk printing is widely used in plastic bottle fields. This site collects some information related to plastic bottles, I hope you can help! A Question: I use the Wahaha waste (AD calcium bottle waste) to blow the bottle, print with a pneumatic curved screen, if it is not fill, do you have to use a flame processor? Is there any other way? B Answer: Do not necessarily use the flame treatment method, the flame treatment method is not safe, the cost is also large, the efficiency is relatively low, can be treated with a corona treatment or plasma processor, the effect is better, the efficiency is also high, clean energy saving. C Answer: Don't necessarily, see what materials, PP, PE, PET ... In addition, what kind of ink you use? Generally, the PP / PE plastic bottle is preferred to use flame surface before screen printing, so that the surface tension is improved, the adhesion of the ink can be enhanced; after treatment, the treatment can be processed. In the water, the treated place is very smooth, and the unprocessed place is not smooth and water droplets, and the optimal processing operation is adjusted according to this principle. In addition, there are several special inks that can be directly printed without pre-flame treatment, and I know this series of German Di High and Malai Bao.

D Answer: You can also wipe the PP water to solve, but the cost is a little higher.

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