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Speaking of PET beverage bottles, you should have beautiful appearance, good hand, lift, but also a unique. Successfully designed a beer bottle, a water bottle or a soft drink bottle is always exciting. It is necessary to design a product with a function of interacting with the appearance, which has its challenge.

Creative and technical aspects should be supplemented and kept balanced, and the shape and function should cooperate with each other. Blowing molds must meet a high-speed device requirements in all aspects. The Kronos container design team reached the above requirements by continuous negotiation with our customers.

Kronz Plastics technology will graft the professional skills of machinery and process, caught in the creative concept of the bottle to ensure that the container will be covered with a complete filling and packaging production line even to the consumer in a single way of thinking. refrigerator. All processes require all participants to have extensive experience and professional intuition. Detection, detection, and reconfers the bottle design to obtain the next important step after customer recognition is to manufacture PET bottle blank.

In order to check if the bisper provided by the customer is suitable for the mold, the temperature profile must be set on the predecessor. Ordinary bottles can be used to take standard premiums, and special bottle design should consider a special PET bottle blank that can perfectly cooperate with bottle type when necessary. After determining the geometry of the predecessors and the bottle, a sample or blow molding test mold is to be buffered for the CONTIFORM laboratory blow mold.

The first batch of trial bottles were blown by the laboratory machine and then measured in a plastic technology laboratory and thoroughly examined. The sample bottle also eliminates the test procedure through a strict bottle. Krones Lab is equipped with most modern measurement techniques that can perform bottle elimination in accordance with all general technical specifications.

For example, the stacking capacity is checked by reactions under vertical load (Topload), as well as the weight of the bottle geometry and the weight of the individual portion. The container must withstand the increasing pressure load (Fill Ramp), and also check the filled volume and filling point volume, the lowest pressure, heat resistance, and the thickness of the bottle wall must be affected by the container. Test results in turn enters a subsequent optimization process.

After the trial bottle is licensed, the production of the CONTIFORM blow molding machine series mold can be started. The task of the first model of the first model to the first model Kron is to make the idea of ​​the customer to unify the product technology. Therefore, the container design team can propose a feasibility plan that satisfies the requirements of the structure while considering technical requirements, such as grip or appearance, such as ripple, texture, and pattern.

For a new PET container design, individual components can be split into single elements, such as bottles, bottles and sidewalls. Gradually formed by the first hand-drawn sketch until the real product of the industrial manufacturing requirements are finally met. This hand sketch is a 2D chart, and the capacity and aging amount required in the figure have been considered.

Recently, Krons also provides 3D models in a PDF file, moving models by rotating, increasing, and enlarged, and further demonstrating the idea of ​​bottles. If the 2D and 3D maps of the bottle can meet the customer think, the bottle design can be converted to constraint samples. If necessary, a 3D organic glass or plastic future bottle model can be used as a real sample so that the client has an original model.

Blow mold production bottle design, the container is mapped with a processing margin. Reflow contract determined by the blow molding process should be included in the processing margin. A 3D model of a single component is made according to its composition, and a mold shell or a negative surface of the bottle, and the necessary adjustments such as air pores or length.

The blow mold production process uses the program-controlled high-speed milling machine, which can be fully automatically and accurately designed into the blow mold. The error range of the milling aluminum shell is within a millimeter of the positive and negative, and a hair measurement has a diameter of about two millimeters. Finally, test from a single component to the entire blow mold to ensure quality.

Before the manufacturing bottle in the supermarket, all the series of blowing molds to be installed on the customer production line must pass through a detailed laser check before delivery. Distribution licenses can only be obtained when all regulations are met. At this time, the new container can be entered into the filling equipment and supermarkets.

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