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Plastic bottle products are widely used in life, industry, medical, and cosmetics. The broadest material used in plastic bottles is PET, PET once in the market, and occupies a half-Wanjiang Mountain, but in any case, products need to be updated, As a PET bottle manufacturer, we will come to analyze the PET's dilemma. First recent garbage classification gives us alert, plastic bottle is very large, in natural state, plastic bottle degradation takes nearly 500 years, so whether it is a country or production enterprises, it needs to think about this problem. In order to replace it with new materials, there are currently many countries in use degradable materials, degradable materials can shorten the degradation time to 1 year, which can greatly reduce pollution time, environmental protection is trend, this is also a trend of PET bottle manufacturers Product performance, more environmentally friendly products. Koopeng Plastic is engaged in the production of plastic bottles for 13 years. In order to meet the needs of customers, they continue to develop new products, and they follow environmental protection trends, from material and production process, if you are interested in plastic bottles, please call 1392888294.

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