Huizhou Environmental Protection Bureau came to our company to explain environmentally friendly knowledge


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Blowing bottle manufacturers, to do environmental protection AQ measures, environmental protection is everyone, everyone is responsible. Today, Huizhou Environmental Protection Bureau visited our company's beauty plastic blow molding factory, viewed the workshop, warehouse, waste storage, giving comments and issues. And preach for employees for two hours of precautions and environmental knowledge.

Love the environment, love your health. The protection environment is not a moment, we need to stick every day and put into practical actions anytime, anywhere. As long as we act, we can save our lives - Earth.

Save electricity, protect resources, and reduce pollution. Electricity is that every primary school will come into contact with every day, and we are inseparable from learning life every day, but now consumes amazing. Therefore, in one fell swimming when using electricity, you must start from savings.

In my country, power generation mainly relies on coal, and coal on earth is limited. According to the current consumption, the total Qiu coal will consume within 250 years. After that, we will leave no coal to our descendants.

Saving electricity is saving coal, but also directly to reduce air pollution. Because acid rain is formed due to coal burning, it can have strong corrosion buildings, and acidification soil and water, resulting in food production, grass fish shrimp death. According to calculations, my country is only 140 billion yuan per year in China only in Southwest China and South China.

Save electricity can slow down the earth. Due to the large amount of carbon dioxide discharged from coal carbon, the heat of the ground is blocked like a cover, and the greenhouse effect is generated. If the earth temperature increases, it will cause drought or flood, and the iceberg is melted. If the iceberg on the earth melts, the low-altitude country and islands will disappear.

We live today, it is sure to enter the next century, many of them are increasingly warming and fragile. The 13,50,000 children in 192 schools in Germany vowed to reduce the harmful gases of the greenhouse effect in the community they live. They replaced energy-saving lamps, refused to use air conditioners, gave up with cars, and selected bicycles.

After 7 months of efforts, they have reached the goal. In the blink of an eye, we have to enter the beautiful July, this is a good time to plant trees, green home, to create a good green home, protect the ecological environment, I recommend classmates: love nature, love flowers and trees, protection Cherish animals and carry out tree planting green activities. My beautiful fruit blowing bottle manufacturers actively cooperate with active practice to actively promote environmental protection, bring environmental awareness to thousands of households.

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