PET plastic bottles have so many advantages, are you clear?


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Among the major plastic bottles in the country, PET materials are the most used, and it is also a material that is most often used by customers. Why do PET bottles like everyone, Koopeng plastic summarizes the following 9 points PET products The advantage for your reference. 1. Ppet plastic bottle combines the texture of the glass bottle but maintains the characteristics of the plastic bottle, which is the appearance of the plastic bottle to be glass bottles, but it is not easy to break, safe, environmentally friendly, and good transport than the glass bottle. 2. Ppet plastic bottle and capacity selection is large, and different bottles, different capacity products, and colorful products.

3. Ppet plastic bottle is cheap, transparent, airtight, withstand voltage strength and easy plastic style 4. The main material of the drug plastic bottle is a resin, its properties: odorless, non-toxic, no light, no light does not produce A certain harmful gas, harm the health of the human body 5. Environmentally friendly low cost. Glass is made of material, manufacturing and recycling, due to material, manufacturing and recycling. With the development of technology, plastic bottles can have been recycled after recycling, thereby reducing damage to the environment.

6. Plastic bottles are safer. Glass bottles are fragile, for children or elderly, it is not 100% safe. Also, due to the high glass thermal conductivity, the glass bottle is extremely harmful to the skin when the heat is placed, and it is burn it.

And the plastic bottle does not have such concerns at all. 7. Plastic bottles can be styled, and there is no need for too many processes to create suitable forms, saving time and cost than glass bottles. 8. There are few mechanical scars, the bottle mouth and the bottle cover are good, the air leakage water permeability ratio is 9, the air leakage water ratio is small, the bottle has strong compressibility, more company product advantages, welcome to Coopeng Plastic Factory, or Call the 24-hour hotline 1392888294.

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