PET plastic bottle exposure


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

The PET plastic bottle is sunflow, and many owners always like to put a box of mineral water in the car. "Sometimes there is time, travel is used. As for harm everyone, you have never thought.

"The reporter found that most owners like to put a bottle of bottled drinking water in the tail box. The placement cycle is generally more than one month. Senior doctor Liu Yuliang tells the reporter to the bottle water and packaging snacks for a long time to place in the car. Liu Yuliang said, Drinking water is placed at a high temperature is a trick, especially in the carriage, and the general car is less than 60 degrees Celsius in the sun.

At this time, the plastic structure of the bottle will change, and the harmful substance may be distributed on both sides, and the bottle will be exudated into the water, and the bottle will exude into the air in the car. In addition, many owners are "popular" in the storage of bottles in the cab, and the boxed torrential sugar and other snacks.

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