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Talking about the grinding bottle, then we will talk about where the grinding bottle is in, which is good. First, the grinding bottle is used to ground some solid, such as pepper granules, such as pepper granules, etc., it can be grinded into a powder state. At this time, many small partners may be curious, why can't I buy powder pepper? Because the seasonings like these peppers and pepper powder If you don't have to be used for a long time, the smell will take a part, that is, the original taste is dim, it is not so fragrant, so it is used to grind. Pepper and pepper are more tasteful. The abrasive bottle can be divided into a glass material, and the material of the glass looks more beautiful, but the more beautiful things are more likely to break, so a plastic abrasive bottle is replaced by glass bottles, and the PET plastic grinding bottle has a property of falling property. And still very safe, will not hinder the cultivation itself, and there is no toxicity, so more and more plastic grinding bottles are gradually popular.

So how do you buy PET plastic grinding bottles? Of course, Dongguan's rich plastic products here, newly developed plastic grinding bottles, more features, the price is still very cheap, but if you just need one, it is very difficult, because Dongguan is a plastic bottle production Manufacturers, generally not mainly retail, targeting customer groups are also enterprises.

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