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Specific medicinal plastic bottle factory, MGG purchase hotline: + 86-15916785363, use a good solid pharmaceutical plastic bottle, pharmaceutical plastic bottle, pharmaceutical plastic bottle to win more customers and a large number of return rates, with preferential price Ensure that customers' interests, welcome to inquire. In the plastic bottle, the health of plastic bottles is our attention, especially the lid of attention. Plastic bottles are usually directly in contact with our mouth, if there is no clean bottle cover, it may enter the human body drink. Plastic bottle sterilization treatment process in the production process.

The method of disinfection of the bottle cover mainly includes spray: multi-set nozzle, multi-directional injection of disinfectant, so the surface sterilization of plastic caps, also has certain requirements for the injection time to ensure that the microorganism can completely kill of. The specific method is to: After the plastic bottle is sorted, there is a plurality of nozzles on the top and the tracks above and the tracks, each nozzle can spray the bottle from different angle disinfecting water, disinfecting water injection bottle sterilization also promotes the cap Along the track. Soak: Plastic bottle cover soaked in water washing bottle and disinfect, disinfecting the overall inspection of water.

Soak time is based on intensity and water disinfection, and the time of disinfecting water is generally a strong oxidation in ten seconds or twenty seconds to meet the bottle complete sterilization time requirements. Method: The direction in the plastic bottle is fixed in the bottle cover, the bottle is connected, and the chain transport cap is sterilized to the water tank and the bottle caps sterilized sterilized soaking in disinfecting water, plastic bottle, soaking time ten seconds or twenty seconds can be met The bottle is completely sterilized. As spray disinfection, sterile water jet cleaning and disinfecting air jets are required after the bottle of water is soaked, and the liquid bottle is sterile.

The production step of the plastic bottle: one step by blowing the bottle system, the mechanical trauma is small, the bottle and the gas tightness are good, the air leakage rate, high transparency, beautiful appearance. ZUI's large technical problem is that it is not easy to uniform bottle wall thickness, large control, and it is easy to have a variation. Two plastic blowers, mechanical scars exceed the difference between one step, transparency.

Two-step foamed plastic bottles, preparation and shaping of the bottle blank, the next process is heated twice. Storage in the bomb and warehouse in the hopper, avoiding mechanical damage, and bottle blank causing each other with each other, the blank is damaged, resulting in a bottle cap and the bottle of the poor, and the leakage rate is higher than one step. With this technological blowing advantage, through ultrasonic thickness gauge test, the bottle of the bottle is uniform, small error, and the beer beverage is not easy to generate.

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