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Pharmaceutical plastic bottle quality manufacturer, MGG produces high-quality solid pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, polyester produced in the world, polyester fiber of plastic bottles For the main raw materials, no matter from the appearance, gloss, it is still a packaging product of Chemical and physical functions and quality assurance. Characteristics of the processing technology of plastic bottles, polyester raw materials for use in raw materials Saturated linear thermoplastic polyester, main application function index: inherent viscosity (IV) should be controlled at 70 ~ 85 mL / g, the blow molded bottle has high mechanical strength and transparency. PET plastic bottles are used in a large amount (greater than 2 liters), and the viscosity of polyester raw materials is 70 ~ 75 mL / g.

The high viscosity index yield of the characteristics of the material is preferably selected by the drug volume small injection molded bottle. Because the choice of raw material varieties is accurate, the process of the production process parameter selection is related to the quality of the body. Therefore, it is especially important to produce the characteristics of the plastic bottle, the characteristics of the raw materials, crystallization temperature, cooling speed and direction.

This is because the polyester material is the crystallization of the polymer, and the crystallization rate is small. Plastic bottles are in the process and method of production process: including extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, calendering, fitting, casting and other ways. Plastic bottles are transmitted, blow molded, plastic plus thermal, then pressed into a special blow mold and internal air pressure, pressure, molding, forming the shape of the zui final product, because the shape of the bottle is the external pressure of the shape of the bottle, so the focus is a bottle In itself, when the heating temperature reaches a certain degree, the plastic is soften, and the pressure resistance is small, so the bottle will become less and smaller.

In a certain processing characteristic and produced plastic bottle, it is treated according to a certain grade treatment method, and ensuring the quality and performance of production and processing. There are some plastic bottles in different aspects of processing:.

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