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When a pharmaceutical plastic bottle of a pharmaceutical bottle is purchased, pay attention to the nature of the material and the drug to be packaged, and some responses will occur between the two, thereby affecting the performance of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle. When the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is in charge, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is considered to confirm whether the pharmaceutical bottle is used in this pharmaceutical bottle. The pharmaceutical plastic bottle is capable of preventing moisture oxidation in the pharmaceutical packaging, thus requiring the materials used in plastic bottles with good barrier properties for water vapor and oxygen.

PVC poly chloride Xi PVC material is common with raincoat, building materials, plastic film, plastic box, etc. Its plasticity is excellent, the price is cheap, so it is very common, but it can only heat to 80 degrees. If you encounter high temperatures, it is easy to produce bad substances, rarely used in food packaging, and also extremely difficult to clean the residual items.

Medicinal plastic bottles are not capable of placing a high temperature. So as not to produce unsafe factors that have an impact on your body. Or use high temperatures to heat, causing medicinal plastic bottles that cannot be used.

In addition, it will make the substance in the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, and indirectly can't use the case. Moreover, the medicinal plastic bottle is easy to recycle, and the treatment process can also be assured. With good compressive performance, anti-extent performance, strong recovery value.

Quality will detect national inspection department to achieve production standards. Can make you safe and secure! The pharmaceutical plastic bottle has high stability, so it does not have to be added any plasticizer or a stabilizer, these plasticizers or stabilizers are substantially toxic. The pharmaceutical plastic bottle is easy to transport, has the characteristics of falling, anti-acid, anti-alkali, and is easy to quickly and easy to recover.

If it is handled off, it will not produce a toxic substance. Really safe and convenient, reducing production costs. This product has a wide range of applications and production has passed the national strict standard requirements, and the quality is safe.

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