Medicinal plastic bottle shape size and physical chemical properties


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   The appearance of the bottle body: The appearance of the plastic bottle mainly includes the overall shape of the bottle, the surface tone, gloss, and the quality of the appearance of the human visual feel. The basis of appearance quality inspection is based on the defects of the various parts of the plastic bottle, and different appearance defects have been developed. The appearance quality of the bottle is usually marked with the minimum allowable limit or make standard samples, and the standard sample is preferably sealed, so that each defect is sealed to control.

However, from the overall requirements of the plastic bottle, the quality of its appearance should have a uniform color white color, there is no obvious color difference, the surface should be smooth, flat, not allowed to have deformation and obvious scratches, not allowed to have sand, oil, Bubbles, the mouth of the bottle should be smooth and smooth, and there is a good cooperation with the cap.   Appearance of the bottle body: Different from the precipitance of the equipment for the production of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, the difference in the size of the problem is different. The same equipment, the same equipment, the plastic bottle produced by the same raw material and the molding method should be stored at a constant temperature indoor temperature of 23 ° ± 2 °, and measurement is performed and the appearance of the control product under stable process molding conditions. The reference dimensions of the various parts of the design diagram perform an obstacle measure.

Several appearance sizes of the key measurement include: (1) Measurement of the overall height size of the plastic bottle: the so-called overall height size of the bottle refers to the vertical distance of the bottle port to the bottom of the bottle, the test method is to put plastic bottles>Placed on the horizontal plane, contact the cursor caliper-on the highest point of the bottle mouth, then rotate the bottle 360 ​​°, read the maximum and minimum size value, and associate with the design graph size. For example, 40 to 60 ml of the height dimension error should be controlled within ± 0.5 mm. (2) Measurement of the diameter size of the outer portion of the plastic bottle: The specific measurement method is to take the measurement tool scale across the center of the bottle, avoid the position of the bottle body, the spindle is close to the mouth, and the circle The shape of the bottle mouth is rotated 360 °, the maximum and minimum value is measured, and the outer diameter error should be controlled in the range of 0.1 mm.

(3) Measurement of the shape of the shape of the plastic bottle: The measurement method is to contact the maximum outer diameter measurement of the bottle with the measurement surface of the cursor caliper, and the tipping caliper is closed, then the plastic bottle is rotated 360 °, and the maximum value is minimum. The size of the value should be controlled within the range of 0.L mm. (4) Measurement of wall thickness sizes of various parts of the plastic bottle: For a pharmaceutical plastic bottle of a circular rotary body, the measurement area of ​​the symmetrical portion is cut by the tool, so that the measuring tool can enter the detection of the various parts of the bottle body. At this point, the thickness of the plastic bottle, the thickness of the shoulder, the thickness of the body, the thickness of the body, and the thickness of the bottom of the bottle are strictly measured, and the maximum value and the minimum value, the design drawings of the control bottle product. The inspection dimension tolerance is within the standard requirements.   The main items of the physical and chemical performance test of the plastic bottle have heavy metal test, non-evil-proof residue test, blazing residue test, reducing material test, sealing performance test, oscillating performance test, water vapor permeability test, and abnormal toxicity test and bacteria Culture test, etc.

The above test items are based on the sampling method within the standard of YY0057-91 solid pharmaceutical polyolefin plastic bottle standard, and the indicators of these test items are met, and the medicinal plastic bottle packaging can be guaranteed. good.

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