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Picture / Specification, MGG Contact Phone + 86-15916785363 My company produces medicinal plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, PET pharmaceutical plastic bottles, solid medicinal plastic bottles, style, reliable quality It enrichs the market, but plastic surrounding equipment manufacturers have challenged. Yi Yi challenges from the blowing machine industry, from large to dozens of small 1 ml of plastic bottles, the bottle blower must meet the needs of processing, combine the diversified bottle shape, to ensure the quality of the plastic bottle, and how to increase production efficiency A preferred blow molder manufacturer. The second challenge comes from blowing molds, various special shape plastic bottles, blowing mold manufacturing is a big challenge, requires a process of continuous improvement of blow molding machine, of course, this is also an opportunity.

Reimbura businesses, from traditional surface labeling machine types increasing. Plastic bottles typically thermosetted plastic materials include phenolic resins, epoxy resins, amino, unsaturated polyesters, furan, materials such as silica ethers, and new EPS diethyl methacrylate plastics, etc., their advantages are highly resistant, and they are not easy to deform . At present, the growth rate of polyester produced in the world, the polyester fiber of plastic bottles is the main raw material, no matter from the appearance, gloss, still the current ZUI ideal packaging products in chemistry and physical functions and quality assurance.

Characteristics of the processing technology of plastic bottles, polyester raw materials for use in raw materials Saturated linear thermoplastic polyester, main application function index: inherent viscosity (IV) should be controlled at 70 ~ 85 mL / g, the blow molded bottle has high mechanical strength and transparency. PET plastic bottles are used in a large amount (greater than 2 liters), and the viscosity of polyester raw materials is 70 ~ 75 mL / g. The high viscosity index yield of the characteristics of the material is preferably selected by the drug volume small injection molded bottle.

Because the choice of raw material varieties is accurate, the process of the production process parameter selection is related to the quality of the body. Therefore, it is especially important to produce the characteristics of the plastic bottle, the characteristics of the raw materials, crystallization temperature, cooling speed and direction. This is because the polyester material is the crystallization of the polymer, and the crystallization rate is small.

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