How to ensure the use of health products plastic bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   The health product should be ensured that there is a good application effect in the time of use, and the items within the package can play a certain maintenance effect. Health Products Plastic Bottle In the use of the external water and liquid into the bottle, it is necessary to isolate the effect; health care plastic bottles can ensure contamination and corrosion in the package can ensure contamination and corrosion; health products The bottle has an anti-UV effect, it can be thoroughly adapted to the temperature change, which is from sunlight and ultraviolet light; health care plastic bottles can prevent external force in the use of external force, can accommodate a variety of storage environment and transportation conditions. The built-in object is not damaged during transportation.   The health care plastic bottle has strict rules in the pretty and practicality to ensure satisfactory stiffness and good shape.

The shape of the health care product in the market is mainly in shape, square, elliptical, and so on. We have analyzed the use of viewpoints, and the health care plastic bottle is planned to be a different shape, in order to be limited to the limitations of the conditions. However, these health care plastic bottles also have some different defects in shape, and there is a strong stiffness like an elliptical health care plastic bottle, but the production cost is high; circular health care plastic bottle The stiffness in the production is large, but the contrast is not beautiful; so we need to make the shape of the health care plastic bottle in order to ensure the stiffness of the stiffness, in addition to the stiffness comparison, the shape of the plastic bottle is planned, and enhanced together The stiffness of the health products plastic bottle and the strength of the high-pressure resistance.

   The health care plastic bottle is more convenient for the time division of packaging, the planning of the bottle mouth can be satisfied and closed and closed, and the sealable is also comparable.

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