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From the perspective of the environment, most people have got their answer to remember when using plastic or paper, do neither answer, but plastic or glass? Some people still think that glass is better than the plastics, the plastic has its fair share The fans are mainly for a reason. Plastics and glasses are recyclable, but because the glass can only be recycled, it becomes more glass, which limits its option. On the other hand, since the plastic loses its integrity, it can be recovered to a quantity product, fill the plastic wood from the carpet.

The shortcomings of glass packaging glass is used in supermarkets and shops, etc., oil, spices, etc. Here are some shortcomings that use glass packages. The weight is first, and the glass is heavier than plastic.

This means more travel is transported when transporting packaging products. Also in turn, this means a greater impact of the environment. Glass is not only important, but also heavy final consumers need to bring them to buy from A (supermarket) to B points (home).

Fragile fragile presenting a new meaning in using a glass container to store food. We have learned from small, and it is easy to break the glass, which means that if a glass jar or jar hit on the floor, it is easy to break, leave a chaotic. In addition, the glass is also slidably touched than plastic.

This means it is more likely to decrease or other packaging materials than the plastic container. Not safe glass is broken, more dangerous than other packaging materials. Broken glass can reduce the skin of a person, sometimes, will endanger life.

This is a danger that is very suitable for those responsible for those work, shops, and even transportation and packaging operators. Several types of plastic container plastic containers. Some style, they can be in Boston, cylinder, kettle, modern, oval line, packwork, square, standing straight round, bottle, wide mouth.

This difference makes it a better choice for those storage needs. Here are some plastic containers used in daily life. Plastic tanks are in cartons, and the plastic tank should not be damaged with water or heat.

In addition, the plastic can is also airtight, as long as the lid is closed. This helps to stay in any fresh and allowing people to store bulk items. In addition, transparent plastic containers are usually preferred because it is easier to identify what is stored inside without the need to open the cover.

A container made of plastic bottle plastic bottles is a polymer resin, polyester and a similar water or other liquid. The main reason for plastic bottles is preferred because they are light weight, which makes them easier to carry. Plastic bottles are also very durable, which means they can delete without destruction.

Finally, plastics generally provide excellent thermal insulation. This means that liquids in a plastic bottle can maintain a temperature than other materials. This allows the plastic bottle to select the cooling or heat liquid.

Whether the plastic tray uses a tray or a must have a certain hygiene standard to achieve a certain health standard in the baking and food service industry. One of the best ways to maintain good hygiene habits are by storing, transporting and distributing cooked products by using plastic pallets. Plastic trays are more and more popular because they can be used, washed multiple water and reuse.

Because it provides users with a cheap maintenance, companies can avoid more money to purchase new trays in the food industry to replace the old. Plastic food packaging containers almost everyone has unfortunate experiences have to open the refrigerator and smell a unpleasant smell. Unpleasant smell is broken by food, one of the many advantages, the storage of your food quality is a good food in the container.

Keep the food is properly sealed, so that you can maintain a fresh time is only one of the benefits of using a plastic food container. In the use of a plastic food container, you can store easy rotten things through freezing or cook and store it. Food can always be thawed, heating with a microwave.

Benefits The following is some benefits to use plastic storage and packaging food. Additional storage plastic containers allow you to purchase food in batches, you can save money and get discounts and other price reduction purchases. Absorbed taste When plastic is used to store volatile items, it can absorb their smells and tastes, which means that food tastes are heavy, such as curry or tomato soup, can store without odor spread throughout the refrigerator.

Promote Your brand plastic packaging materials are the most common materials for brand strategies. It is mainly because they are more prone to printing. Because printing plastics can be easily completed, it reduces costs and provides packaging solutions to enable you to promote your brand. Plastics are recyclable in 40% recovery plastics, compared to 20 percent of glass containers.

The glass recovered since the mid-era has been seen, and the proportion of glass has declined annually, and the recovery of plastic is growing.

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