Plastic bottles, can you drink hot water?


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Do you know, the plastic bottle also has a "identity card." If there is a plastic bottle in your hand, put it over, at the bottom, you will see a triangular symbol, and the number is also printed. This number is its ID card.

The numbers may be one of 1 to 7, representing a plastic material, respectively. Can you take a hot water, you have to look at it! Mineral water bottle, plastic beverage bottle, drink the plastic bottle of mineral water, juice, carbonated drinks, usually write "1" at the bottom. No. 1 plastic, ie polybenzothylene terephthalate (PET).

This material, poor heat resistance, the highest use temperature does not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. - - Heating or loading water will deformed, and the harmful substance is also dissolved. So, don't use this kind of beverage bottle hot water, don't take it as a glass or store, it is best to drink it.

The cup is written in the bottom of "5", and it is nothing to do everyday drinking water cup. It is also a plastic. Don't use it? Don't worry, if the bottom of the cup is marked "5", you can safely install hot water. 5 plastic material polypropylene (PP) is the strongest plastic with heat resistance. Carefully observe, you will find that microwave furnace special plastic tableware, some bottle, it is done with it, after cleaning can be reused.

How do you know that a PP plastic cup is good? In general, this plastic material is milky white, translucent, uniform color. There are also a transparency (honesty to the human body) to make it transparent. It is important to note that don't choose to have odors and colors.

Because, pure PP plastic has no abnormal taste, and adding color, often is a defect for covering the material itself. Space Cup, sportswater cups are hot water? Advise you not to exercise, many people will bring a space cup or a sports cup and put a pot of hot water. It is recommended to do this later.

This cup usually belongs to the No. 7 plastic material polycarbonate (PC). The transparency is very high, and it is very hard, the hand is smooth, and it is striking. In the 1960s, the PC material has been widely used in the manufacture of plastic (milk) bottles, and the suction cups used in children, but later suffered from bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is an endocrine interference.

If the residual bisphenol A is reissued in the PC, the higher the temperature is more release, so it cannot be hot water with a PC bottle. Of course, there are now more and more bottles, space cup products, starting using a plastic material called Tritan. Tritan has not found the evidence of harmful human body.

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