Analysis of Plastic Cover Technology and Market Development


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Single-chip filling and sealing machine thermal filling cover is low   Since the bottle tolerance is difficult to control to a predetermined range, the crystallized PET filling the closed machine thermal filling bottle is almost 100% to support the two caps. From the end of the last century, many enterprises have attracted themselves with a single piece of cover.   Since 2002, the world's petrochemical raw materials have generally increased, while the price of Chinese caps has declined.

Therefore, more stimulates people seeking update technologies to reduce costs. The compression molding process has the advantage of precise and shrinkage coefficients. Sacmi has been actively cooperating with Chinese users to study and develop a single piece of packing of filling and catering machines, thus accelerating single-piece cover enters practical processes. . Combined cover fashion selection   People should still remember that the sports covered in the 1998 farmer spring appeared in China, less than three months, sports cover on the market.

With the fusion of various cultures, technical achievements are also inevitable in fashion. Therefore, a new combination cover similar to the sports cover will appear in a timely fashionable Chinese beverage industry, which will make China's beverage cover varieties more colorful and more attractive.   Since the mid-1990s, the beverage produced by Coca-Cola Company uses plastic anti-theft cover to replace aluminum cover, thereby pushing plastic anti-theft cover to the front desk of the beverage pack.

Since then, domestic power packaging enterprises and beverage manufacturers have introduced foreign equipment and began mass production and application of plastic anti-theft coverage. Today, a thin and easy-to-open plastic bottle cover is covered with a beverage market, not only convenient consumers, but also drives the rapid development of the beverage industry.   At present, due to the fierce competition in the domestic beverage industry, many well-known companies are using the latest production technology and equipment, so that China's capabilities and plastic cover production technology have the world's advanced level.

Sacmi, Oakja (Alcoa), Husky, Demag, Nestal, Engel, etc., all world-renowned manufacturing machinery have entered China .   At the same time, in the field of plastic bottle capsules, injection molding and plastic surgery disputes have also opened the big scene. Undoubtedly, technological innovation is the driving force for development progress.

The plastic cover leads the future, the development direction of the plastic treatment is very simple, put the quantified material into the upper mold and the lower mold, the upper and lower molds, that is, the processing of materials, then cool, demolded Complete the cap. The injection process is injective, and the material is pushed to the void of the mold until the gap is filled, then cool, demolded, and complete the cap.   Continuouscom-pressionmoldingLhhahaha618, abbreviation CCM) is a new breakthrough in the manufacturing process of plastic products in the past 10 years.

It issued a strong challenge to the INJECTIONMOLDING and abnormal INJECTIONMOLDING, and IM. From the comprehensive cost of energy consumption, item consumption and environmental protection, the plastic manufacturing is undoubtedly the development direction of the present and future covering methods in the beverage industry.   At present, the plastic cover occupies Coca-Cola, Pepsi, unified, and more than 80% of Master Kong; Wahaha's tea beverage and soda, Huiyuan PET juice, etc. reached 100%.

The plastic production process accounts for 70% of the world, accounting for more than 60% of China. Although the injection molding machine has adopted a price reduction and various promotions, the development trend of the plastic process capsule is not reduced. Since 2001, China's customers buy plasticized equipment has exceeded injection molding equipment.

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