Plastic bottle color match, enough color!


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

The scene is picturesque, a drunken millet, a store is like a painting, draw a good painting, you must use a variety of colors, then, once, it is like a drawing process, and attracts the eyes of the masses. A perfect visual feast, especially the cosmetics and the beauty of the beauty of the beauty, especially the importance of the color display of cosmetics plastic bottles, the color display is as follows: gradient --- Jumping ---- Rainbow : Gravity display, such as: color can be shallow to deep, white - beige - beige (blue) - light blue. It is necessary to have a good color control ability, simply with different shades of plastic bottles of the same colors, let them feel the level. Second: Jumping display is generally applicable to a series of goods.

Can use the depth of the product - shallow - deep - shallow spacing mode, so the jump is stronger, very full. Three: Rainbow showers are generally young, colorful, and relatively viable style brands. Speaking of color display, you can't mention color, color color is mainly divided into similar colors, contrast color, same type, strong cooperation.

Four: The color is simple, it is very simple, that is, multiple colors are close, such as: shallow purple - purple - blue purple; five: The contrast color is strong between multiple colors, color sensation is two extremes, such as: black And white, red and green; color display is just a horn of iceberg, we are familiar with color, but also learn how to use existing commodity resources to show it the most perfect display. The more appropriate, the more you can attract customers, and our purpose is reached.

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