Plastic bottle beverage should not be suitable for heating drinking


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Article Guide: In winter, if you are placed in a variety of plastic bottles, you will be popular among customers. In a few days, the reporter visited some drink stalls on the streets of Shijiazhuang, in the Crossroads of Zhongshan Road and Jianshe Street, and Jiangsu North Street, there were average beverages in the pot, in order to keep warm in the pot. After heating the water in the pot, the stall is not immediately powered down, but directly powers its temperature.

A person's stall, heating and normal temperature are a price, but guests generally like to choose heating. Buy a heated drink, because your own stomach is not good, so you can warm the stomach, you can warm the hand. Hot things.

In this regard, according to the expert, the number "1" "1" of the triangular signs of the mineral water, milk tea, carbonated drinks, other plastic bottles sold on the market, represents PET, marking the "1" plastic bottle, high temperature is about 65 degrees. It is said that it is safe in low temperatures, even after heating, there is PET. Heat will endanger human health.

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