Food bottle packaging supervision needs to be implemented


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Food bottles have a lot of requirements for their packaging safety. To engage in the production of food bottles, as a manufacturer must have a Q certificate. At the same time, the raw materials for food bottles must also be used in food grade materials to be used in food packaging.

Obviously, strict management is conducive to food safety.    However, management is strict and does not necessarily represent all food bottles on the market. Food grade raw materials have a lot of problems, and some raw materials suppliers will be doped with some unqualified raw materials in the raw materials in order to obtain high profits. These raw materials are often not up to standard, such raw materials have food bottles, in There is a problem in security.

Another aspect is a large number of small food bottles in the market. Some of these companies have not obtained QS certificates. They attract buyers at low prices to reduce production standards, and the food bottles produced by these enterprises also have a lot of hidden dangers.  In short, for the safety of food bottles, although regulatory measures are more and more meticulous, but to make market norms, they must strictly enforce the enforcement, fall to practice.

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