Which PET food can do? Plastic is customized for you


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Which PET food can do? Beautiful fruit plastic for you to customize PET food canificial exquisite atmosphere, sealed, can provide a safe, rest assured storage guarantee, so PET food can be the first choice for many high-end food storage materials! And beautiful fruit Plastics are simple and high-end, and are deeply sought after by food storage customers. Which is good? Beauty plastic uses new factory direct sales, private high-end customization mode, free to take sample service, provide more professional food canmunications design, personalized custom, professional design according to your storage requirements The new food cans production model Mei Gas plastic PET food cans customized with food grade PET material processing blow molding, to ensure the quality of the food tank, the environmental protection, thesis of PET food cans, the performance is very good, is the pursuit of quality and Beautiful PET food can store first choice! Beautiful fruit plastic 13 years focuses on multi-variety, fast training, mass production plastic blowing, 1 binding, 500 varieties, 3000 2 days delivery, 10,000 3 days Goods, free proof, corporate business is open, injection molding, blowing, printing, hot stamping one-stop service, saving 50% of the company, 30% cost, professional production of medicine, chemical, cosmetic packaging bottle, supporting nozzle , Spray gun, various bottles, frost, sculpture, bronzing, electroplating, etc. You can also call 24h service hotline: 400-8030730 Immediately consult the beautiful fruit plastic customer service online customer service, the company is dedicated to serve you! .

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