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At present, the use of plastic bottles of drugs, nutrition and health products, food and beverages in the domestic market, you go to pharmacy or supermarket to transfer, you can see the plastic bottle packaging products. Mainly used for polyester bottles and nutritional health products (PET bottles) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE bottles, beverage bottles) are mainly used in polyester bottles (PET), daily necessities, such as washing water, shower gel, high-density Polyethylene (HDPE bottle). Plastic bottles have a lightweight, largest feature is not fragile, plastic bottle clean and beautiful look, and some of its technical indicators and large amounts of data indicate, chemical resistance, water polish infiltration, good sealing performance, it can protect Product safety is within the validity period of the product.

With the impact of the global economic integration of the world economy, in the exchange of science and technology and culture, the world is full of opportunities and challenges. Since 2001, China has joined the World Trade Organization, China has gradually integrated into the mainstream, economy of the international stage. Technology has been rapidly developed, promoting rapid growth and development of all industries in China. Many manufacturers use other forms of packaging in order to meet the needs of plastic bottles, so that the primary issue of solving plastic bottles manufacturers is to ensure the safety of plastic bottles. Second, now the demand for packaging of high-end markets is increasing, in the hearts of the people, plastic bottles, form a "cheap" image, requires plastic materials to change the plastic bottle of the current image.

After years of experience in the development of the whole bottle industry, the effect is very mature, and when the industry is basically in the processing phase, some brand companies. Plastic bottles, glass manufacturers are mutually implanted, and the design innovation ability is insufficient, mainly for the competition for the entire industry. Let's take a look at the outer packaging industry, will be held every year in a variety of large and small competitions. Every year, there will be a large number of plastic bottles, and the glass bottles designed products stand out from these games.

It is the lack of such a atmosphere in China. We rarely find a breakthrough novelty and practical product products in domestic plastic bottles, need to establish a mechanism to guide. Plastic bottles, for the current glass bottle, can say a large industry, we need the relevant associations and departments to strengthen the guidance of industry innovation, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

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