What is the trend of mineral water bottles packaging?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Recently, we discuss a lot about the trend of mineral water bottles packaging. The rise of the high-end mineral water market, and many of us think that the future mainstream trend of mineral water bottles is the glass of mineral water bottles. However, the author doesn't think so.

Although the high-end mineral water market is rising, the high price determines that it is impossible to become the mainstream share of the market. Therefore, high-end mineral water bottle packaging is impossible to become the mainstream trend of the mineral water bottle packaging market. So what is the mainstream trend that the mineral water bottle market should have?   Lightweight is a major trend in the future mainstream mineral water bottle packaging, this is unquestionable.

However, the current market mineral water bottle packaging is lightweight, many manufacturers are difficult to break through the technical level. Some manufacturers are lightweight, but the author thinks that the effect is not ideal. Lightweight mineral water bottle pack is too soft, the grip is very poor, so the road to lightweight needs to have many places to strengthen improvement and breakthroughs.

The environmentalization of packaging materials is also a trend in the future of mineral water bottles. How to achieve mineral water bottles packaging materials, sustainability is also solved in the future. Some manufacturers use biological raw materials such as sugar cane to make mineral water bottles and have begun to take a step.

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