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The balcony decoration design takes a plastic bottle of vegetables string into a string of vegetables and fertile even anti-theft windows, and since the festival in the balcony, I also want to follow the waves, but helplessness is my home no balcony. At home, there is no extra space for a vegetable, no way, can only be red, others. Later, the neighbor gave me a trick. It can be vegetable on the window, but the window sill is so small, can the vegetables are really enough? Neighbors said that you can don't know this way, just need a few plastic bottles to be on the window A vegetables that are enough to eat enough, the focus is 1m2 space, you can't take it! Let's first prepare the materials you need, such as plastic bottles, curtain lines, tape, small air pumps, water pipes, vegetable seeds, black Soft basins, water storage tanks, etc. It is recommended that the plastic bottle do not choose the kind of hard carbonated carbonated bottle. The second step will be wrapped in the bottle or wrap it with opaque cloth and tape to avoid the plant roots.

The third step is to dig out a hole in the part of the plastic bottle bottle (the size should be determined according to the size of the bottle), and use the same approach to poke several small holes in the bottom of the bottle, which can leak the water, and Dig a small hole at the mouth, you can insert the water pipe, then we will have all the plastic bottles to do so. The fourth step With the curtain line to secure several plastic bottles together on the window of the home, it is recommended to choose a good window. In the fifth step, you need to install the pipe. Let's first cut two transparent pipes, then tie the gas needle with the tape, then put it into the transparent pipe, pay attention to the sealing, the tube, the better the tube, the better.

The sixth step inserts the transparent pipe into the top plastic bottle, the lower end is connected to the air pump, and the entire tube forms a U-shaped, then filled with the bottom water storage tank (more and better), all connected After testing. In the seventh step, it is necessary to start planting vegetables, put the black soft basin full of nutritious soil or soiled, spreading the vegetable seeds inside, then put them in a good plastic bottle, it is recommended to be right Sunlight. After all completed, it is the following. It is not like manual security windows? There is much more vegetable varieties, plus the balcony light is sufficient, and the vegetables are more fertile.

In order to ensure the smooth circulation of the entire system, you can also install a timer. It is possible to cheer once every 30 minutes in advance. This means that there is no need to pour the water, it is really a lot of things. However, some daily care still can't be less: change water every week, regularly check the water quality, and the bleeding is added to the water, and the vegetables are fertilized. I just want to say that the current dish is really a good home life, even the window in the family doesn't let go, I suggest you can in the kitchen window, so when you want to eat, you can take it. Almost no money, not only can you eat fresh vegetables, but also act as potted plants!

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