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Plastic packaging bottle life of essential plastic This extremely common living goods plastic packaging bottle in our lives is also every household, then how do we do the quality of the plastic packaging bottle? Let's take a look! Plastic packaging bottles are very popular in our lives, water drums, cups, including plastic tanks, etc. The storage of fresh food, the plastic basins of cleaning clothes belong to the category of plastic packaging bottles, and the quality of plastic packaging bottles is closely related to our lives. Plastic packaging bottles are light, not easy to break, and it is not easy to be oxidized, sustainable, but good plastic packaging bottles are relatively qualified in production process, and will not cause harm to the human body. So when we choose a plastic packaging bottle, there is a small trick.

1. When buying a plastic packaging bottle, pay attention to see the appearance of the plastic packaging bottle, see if there is damage, especially the thickness of the plastic packaging bottle, whether the container has a black spot impurity. 2. Because the main material of plastic packaging bottles is a variety of chemical compositions, chemical synthesis will exude harmful substances, when picking, must carefully carefully. There is a small mark under each plastic packaging bottle, which is generally in the bottom of the plastic bag, a small triangle, 1 to 7 numbers in a small triangle.

Each number represents a different material, we can choose a plastic packaging bottle based on numbers. 3. I smell the smell of the plastic packaging bottle. Generally, a little plastic packaging bottle flavor will be relatively strong than the quality of plastic capacity, the taste of the instrument, and the smell of the bad quality container is relatively strong. 4. When choosing a plastic packaging bottle, pay attention to it looks at its color, watching the sun, views from the side, if turbid, better than very transparent, as explained this inclusional chemical component relatively less.

These points are just a small experience in buying plastic packaging bottles, the general use of plastic packaging bottles, let us know more about its important role, when we feel it, we should also buy the price of goods. Honest good plastic packaging bottle.

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