Let the plastic bottle becomes a renewable resource, making a best-selling tide


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

In 2016, Huang Ningn resigned from Alibaba, and went to a small town in California for half a year. The life of the town is leisure, people don't have much material desire. Huang Ningning seems to see the age of our grandmother, because the material is not rich, each item is mostly played: summerry sweet watermelon, melon is used to heat, the peel is used to cook, melon seeds Become a snack after meal; a wooden stick that is picking up, it can be a drying rack, becoming a bracket of homemade tent, becoming a toy in the hands of children ... Living here is simple, the soul has become pure.

"I thought it was the slow rhythm of the small town life attracted me, and later realized that they did their best, and there was no burdening lifestyle to impress me." Huang Ningning said. When she met the "good bottle" project, she felt the echo of the soul.

"Good bottle" wants to use the way and the power of the market, to solve the problem of plastic pollution, rather than talking about teaching to publicize environmental public welfare concept, let Huang Ningjing feel that this project is cool. After the decision, Huang Ning Ning ended the trip, only one person came to Shanghai. She spent half a year to form a team and camped the supply chain.

A large amount of abandoned plastic bottle recovered, is made of regenerated particles, fibers, and then spun it into yarn and fabric. In fact, plastic bottles regenerated fabrics are already a mature technology. Many of the regenerated environmental protection products sold well in Europe and the United States are "manufacturing". Therefore, in the face of abandoned plastics, in a certain extent, China is not technically not a device, but people have more understanding and greater imagination for "turning waste into treasures".

"Good bottle" should become a sustainable tide name, but its products are not only environmentally friendly, but also to look good, attract more people to learn about using such environmentally renewable products. "Doing environmental protection, look, this is our basic policy." Huang Ning Ning clearly, only rich production line, on the one hand, continue to make the fabric comfortable to wear, improve fabric development capabilities, integrate more advanced weaving technology, let The fabric becomes more breathable, on the one hand, improves the design of the product, can make environmental protection more easily for Chinese consumers.

In order to let more people know the environmental protection of "good bottles", Huang Ning is actively participating in various social activities. "Good bottle" has two activities in the Lanzhou Marathon scene, one is to wear plastic bottle clothes flash, one is a plastic bottle recycled to send bag, and has got a positive response. "Good bottle" is logged in with the "A Plastic Bottlement Environmental T-Short T-Shin" store, showing the "black technology" of the plastic bottle to do clothes, as as one of the four brands representing Taobao, participating in Cannes International Creative Festival.

"Good Bottle" and fund cooperates to participate in the creation of a music festival closest to zero-discarded - Asian music ceremony, the audience can change a T-shirt on the spot, enough 100 plastic bottles can also Change the concert ticket. "Good bottle" combined with Coca-Cola and fund, taking a tide fabric made of plastic bottles, and then sells the bag to buy tents.

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