Plastic bottle of frozen drinking water will release Dyosin?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Excuse me: In addition to this, have more strict experiments confirmed? Update: If you really have false, then a lot of doctors quote, what is going on? Update 2: Plastic bottled hot water will release toxic substances, this is a well-known thing, but I have seen someone in the traditional market or to see someone to take plastic bag hot food: Soymilk store with plastic scoop soy milk, selling 桂Radish cake is in the bottom of the plastic, the live-jumping wall is blocked with plastic wrap ... Everyone thinks that the plastic is not melting, there is no such thing as the poison has quietly integrated into the food .. Plastic bottled frozen drinking water will release toxic substances, but have never heard of it, Some people say that they will release bismuth, although they will release Dai Yin is rumor but it is difficult to keep it will not release other substances to be confirmed .. Best Answer: It is a fake, John Hopkins University is made on January 15, 2008 Explanation. In fact, it is only a evacuation of email: "Doctor" you said means that people selling things on TV? Is it a doctor just to wear a white robe? Most of the email is correct, such as trying not to use plastic containers to heat food in microwave but "plastic bottles of frozen drinking water, because they will release Dai Yin", it is obviously problematic ..

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