Teach you how to use the plastic bottle manufacturers to use the mineral water bottle handmade beautiful lampshade


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Teach you how to use the plastic bottle manufacturer to use the mineral water bottle handmade beautiful lampshade? Plastic bottle manufacturers Lightshade Methods The materials used by the beautiful lampshade production tutorials can be described as inclusive. Many online not only share some of the beautiful lampshade production methods made with paper as materials, but also recommend some of the lampshade methods that use other materials to tell you. Here, Xiaobian specially pushes plastic bottle manufacturers in addition to the use of mineral water bottles in specific production, and also adding another member of the treasure handmade small production family, which is the fruit mesh.

It may be a bit surprising, but the final exquisite production is still very admiring. Plastic bottles manufacturers are still "fall in love with Aibili" for this beautiful mineral water bottle and fruit mesh. It is not difficult to make a specific production, unlike the production of mineral water bottles, you can operate a lot of steps.

When making this lantern, there is basically no complex operation. What you need to do is to cut the structure of the mineral water bottle into the picture, and then set the fruit network set. After such a simple operation, you can get a very simple small lamp cover.

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