Matters need to pay attention to when storing the reagent


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

The fine mouth bottle is a small bottle of reagent bottle, because the bottle is small, generally used in the liquid reagent, brown and transparent two, brown, used to dress the photosensitive reagent, reduce reagent to see light decomposition probability. Attention should be paid attention to when using, the fine mouth bottle is a utensil that cannot be heated. When the reagent is taken, put the bottle plug on the desktop, and then put the bottle plug, if necessary, to be sealed. Because the fine mouth bottle is matched with the frosted glass cap, alkaline reagent cannot be stored, and the rubber plug is changed when the alkaline reagent is stored.

The wide mouth bottle is of course a wide reagent bottle, because the bottle is wide, it is convenient for medicine spoons and some other objects to take solid reagents, so the vials are generally suitable for dust, powder, transparent and brown. Among them, brown is used to perform items that are easy to decompose. As with fine mouth bottles, in the use of the reagent, the bottle plug is placed in the desktop, and the bump press can be used, due to the grinding mouth and the frosted glass cap, the alkaline reagent cannot be stored, and the alkaline item is changed. Use a rubber plug.

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