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Solid plastic bottle injection and extrusion blow molding plastic bottle of plastic bottles of extrusion blow molding and injection molding plastic bottles differ in: injection molding, molded to form a plastic bottle body Includes podns and female molds. When the injector is injected into the mold cavity by the syringe in high pressure, when the cavity is opened, the male model must be removed from the female mold to top the bottle. In the extrusion blow mold, an extruder head is formed.

The blow mold is mainly composed of two half-female molds, generally no need for a male model, and the blank is blown with an injected compressed air. The appearance quality of the solid plastic bottle bottle is usually indicated by the minimum allowable limit or make standard samples, and the standard sample is preferably sealed, so that each defect is sealed for control. However, from the overall requirements of the plastic bottle, the quality of its appearance should have a uniform color white color, there is no obvious color difference, the surface should be smooth, flat, not allowed to have deformation and obvious scratches, not allowed to have sand, oil, Bubbles, the mouth of the bottle should be smooth and smooth, and there is a good cooperation with the cap.

In the 1980s, as my country continued to introduce advanced solid plastic bottle production lines from abroad, kicked off the "Plastic" "" glass ", from this solid plastic bottle is widely used in the packaging area. The maximum feature of solid plastic bottles is the quality, not broken, clean, beautiful, and some technical indicators and large amounts of data indicate their chemical resistance, and the water-resistant steam permeability is excellent. It can completely in the validity period of the product. The product acts as a safety shielding and protection.

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