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The focus of the medicinal plastic bottle design is to consider, so that the bottle port is sealed with the cap and uses the bottom of the pharmaceutical bottle. The bottom of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is designed to be concave, and at the corner of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, it is designed to be concave, or a large arc is made. Easy to stack the stack of pharmaceutical plastic bottles and enhance the stability of pharmaceutical plastic bottles.

Zhangzhou Red Star Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. mainly produces a variety of plastic bottles: pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, solid bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, disposable mouth mouth, chemical plastic bottles, health care bottles, Cangzhou health product bottles, plastic packaging boxes are many series of products. PET polyethylene terephthalate is commonly known as mineral water bottles, carbonated bottles, etc. It will deformed when the heat resistance to 70 degrees, resulting in a harmful substance of human body. After the No. 1 plastic bottle is 10 months, it will release the AI ​​DEHP, and it cannot be placed in the car. It is also not allowed to drink, oil and other substances.

HDPE high-density PET XI HDPE material is common with white bottle, cleaning supplies, bathing products, can not use containers of this material to be used as a cup or to store other items, if clean, do not recycle. Medicinal plastic bottles are mainly used to carry pharmaceutical preparations, which will have extremely stringent storage requirements. Some manufacturers produced plastic bottles in order to reduce costs, use poor material to make plastic bottles, long-term contact will cause indirect harm to the human body, resulting in many bad phenomena such as nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite.

A large amount of toxic gases are emissively emissions during the production process, making the safety of human life are threatened.

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