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    Today, social plastics and plastic packaging are closely related to people's daily lives. People think that if our lives don't look like it. People who are inseparable from plastics are "love and hate". In fact, you should do the right to pay attention to the use of a healthy and convenient use of plastics.

Recently, a study on the "Environmental Health Prospect Journal" has been shocked: "safety" plastic products are not present in reality. The University of Texas, the University of Texas has been tested with 455 types of plastic containers (including plastic bags and baby bottles). All plastic products were installed with analog food, and after the microwave, wet heat (such as cooking) and ultraviolet irradiation were detected, the precipitated chemical composition was detected.

    The results show that about 95% of plastic products will precipitate chemicals such as estrogen, 100% of the food packaging and food preservation boxes and 98% of plastic bags have estrogen-like precipitation. And even if these plastic products have not been treated, only various solutions are placed, and chemical substances like estrogen are also precipitated. It is highly high to indicate that the estrogenic activity exhibited by a bottle and a cup of azeotrous a-free bin A is even higher than the plastic cups made of polycarbonate.

For example, a plastic container equipped with saline (used to mimic vegetables and other foods) is heated by microwave, and a large amount of chemical toxins will be submitted. Decapsulated milk and other foods with milk and other fats, and exposed it in an ultraviolet environment, more chemical toxins released in the brine environment.    The reason why plastic products is not safe because they integrate a large number of chemicals, additives in their processing stages.

A plastic article is synthesized from more than 5-20 various chemicals, which are present in the form of a plastic polymer, but does not truly integrate into the structure of the plastic article. The substance constituting the plastic resin and the additive will be learned from the plastic article. The estrogen activity used to decorate the mold release agent and colorant of plastic products is also very high.

    Experts believe that such estrogen will be buried in health after a long time. Although the figure of the plastic product is everywhere, people can still replace some unnecessary plastic products to avoid the hazards caused by estrogen, including the following aspects:    Replace the plastic food container. Glass, ceramic and stainless iron containers can be used instead of plastic storage boxes, plastic bowls and plastic cups, can be used in a microwave, refrigerator or freezer.

Even with plastic containers, do not cost the fat, otherwise the harm is more difficult to dissolve. Baby immunity is poor, so the bottle, small spoon is better or otherwise do not use plastic, should be replaced with glass bottle, ceramic spoon.    Less use plastic film, plastic bag.

Most of the commercial foods will be packaged in plastic materials. However, when packaging, the food is hot, which will promote toxins, estrogen analogs, so it is best to buy less. When heating the food, it must also uncover the plastic film, or tear open the plastic packaging bag. When purchasing food, try to use the bag to avoid the plastic bag to penetrate the harmful substance into fruit and vegetables and meat.

    Drop the plastic chopsticks. Plastic chopsticks are easily deformed after heat, and there is a harmful substance, and some plastic chopsticks will have a phenomenon such as fading, picking, and direct contact with food or lips, it is easy to eat harmful substances into the body. Considering safety, saving and health, it should be preferred to choose bamboo chopsticks.

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