Plastic bottle production cycle process


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Plastics are a well-discussed material: cheap production, easy to use, but will cause damage to the environment. Some arguments about materials are entirely dependent on facts, so more to understand the life cycle of the plastic bottle can help eliminate lies. The polymeric plastic is used as a half liquid, which is used in a mixture of oil, ethylene, propylene, and other materials.

The mixture depends on the type of plastic manufactured and the production of the company. Each company has its own proprietary mixture - some plastic hard, other softer. If the bottle is reclaimed, in addition to some fresh materials, they are mainly composed of melted old jar.

There are many different plastic molding methods. In most processes, plastics have been cooled and processed into particles. Plastic particles or particles typically feed into the heating hopper, melt it, and then pose the molten plastic into a press or apparatus for making bottles.

The plastic is melted into the injection molding force of molded molded mold. Blow molding is similar, but the plastic film is blown into the mold using an air injector - this is used to make a hollow shape. Packing the bottle full of products and sticks the paper label in front.

These are all done by the machine, which typically grabbed the bottle from the top and bring it into the filling machine, which is used for a specified amount of liquid to load the bottle. These bottles are then grouped, boxed, and shipped to suppliers and consumers.

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