Production process of plastic bottles


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The production of plastic bottles can be divided into three different ways (1) in accordance with its way, in the case of the general conventional proportion, which is to use the plastic feedstock in line with the external heater through the screw in the cavity. The heat of the softened molten is taken out into a hollow tube, and the clamping of the mold transmission mechanism will be used, and the tubular body clipped by the upper predetermined is in the middle empty mold in advance, and the high pressure air in the needle will soften the plastic. Inflating to the inner wall of the mold, can be planned in advance in advance, and finally remove the extra part of the bottle mouth through the auxiliary cutting mechanism, the production speed is the biggest feature (2) higher use The blowing bottle is very similar to the general shot molding, but also in combination with the rotation control of the screw in the cavity, the plastic material is supplied from the hopper feed through the mixed compression, and the melt is softened. Emitting into a model to form a primer embryo, and then pass through a 180 degree rotating mechanism to transfer this hungee to another in advance planning shape, through high pressure air blowing The shape of the inner wall of the mold is the bottle we want, such as the baby's breast bottle, the high-grade bottle (3) of the cosmetic handset, and the shot is blown out, this way (2) shot blowing bottle Similarly, the difference is that it will blow out a thin and thick bottle such as a treasure bottle of the water, such as a bottle of the water, such as a treasure bottle, such as a treasure bottle, a bottle, and the most important difference. In the formation of the bottle screw, the former is blown through the inner wall, and the inner wall will fluctuate as the mold is bump, the latter is injected, so the inner wall is smooth, and the inner wall is smooth, and the bottom of the bottle is more. How much less will have a trace of perfusion points, and the blowout will have the existence of the mold in the mold. It is not easy to hide the sputum because the bottle is smooth, so many uses are often used in the usual cleaning treatment. The bottle mentioned before, or because the bottle mouth of the blowing bottle is deeply afraid of the use of the cosmetic bottle of the hand, the cosmetic bottle of the hand, I will be free! Because the current level is unable to use the predecessors to use pictures editing, now you need to work hard to make a little bit of a little bit to see if there is this opportunity.

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