Heilongjiang pharmaceutical plastic bottle specific manufacturer production standards


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Since the pharmaceutical plastic bottle needs to contact the liquid and human body, the basic requirements for the ZUI of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle are extremely chemical stability and biological safety. The components of the plastic material do not precipitate into the liquid and human body, and will not cause the toxicity and damage of the tissue organs, and will not be harmful to the human body. For pharmaceutical plastic bottle products manufacturers and suppliers with mold manufacturers and extruded-shaped services, there is a good news, and the relevant report provides the content released by ZUI's new Trimark Publications LLC, in the future ten During the year, the development market of the world's disposable medical plastic products will be officially entered the right track, and can maintain a strong growth rate.

The research department of the medical market pointed out that in the past two decades, the global market annual increase in the market is 12.5%. Medicinal plastic bottles are also a wide range of pharmaceutical plastic bottles. Its ZUI is very light, not broken, clean, beautiful, and can be used without cleaning. Medicinal plastic bottles can be used to store tablets such as tablets.

Medicinal plastic bottles are also the pharmaceutical bottles we often see, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxic, no adsorption, non-dissemination, and simple production process. The use of aluminum bottles should pay attention to the bottle body, inner cover, cover of the sanitary index and bottle, inner cover, and outer cover. Also pay attention to the compressive strength of the bottle.

5L should be greater than 700N, 3L should be greater than 250N. Medicinal plastic bottles have continuous improvement of plastics, pharmaceutical machinery, and safety standards. Future plastics packaging will also have a lot of development in medicine.

The application of pharmaceutical plastic bottled pharmaceutical industry is already almost occupied most of the market. Medicinal plastic bottles generally adopted PET material, strong texture, high strength, no damage, very strong, moisture-proof, hygiene, special requirements for packaging of drugs, etc. advantage.

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