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Guizhou disposable sterilized bottle professional manufacturer / manufacturer, consulting MGG. MGG is a large-scale disposable plastic bottle, a disposable sterilization bottle manufacturer, to buy our products, so that you feel the real price. Disposable bottle packaging environmental protection is the key to health products sold in the market, drugs The packaging is mainly based on special health care bottles, plastic bottles, and these packaging products are mainly made of plastics, aluminum foil plates, paper, etc. Although some of them can be recovered, more plastic packaging are made of non-degradable ordinary plastics.

Because they are not easy to degrade, they will make them great harm to the environment. The luxury packaging of health products, I think it should be unrelenting. I have bought a bottle of ophthalmic water, open the carton, plastic packaging, and a small bottle of ophthalmic water also 'supply' on a small plastic box, plus the medicine bottle full 4 layer packaging.

Compared with the packaging of the drug, the packaging of health products is more luxurious. In order to send love friends, the packaging of health products can be described as three layers of three layers in the third floor, the wrapping is strict, some health products have passed one After the meticulous "dress", the product's volume foot is several times. Recently, a factory in Nottingham, England, produces a new type of sterile baby bottle (Polypropylene * disposable bottle) in a new equipment, and its birth experience has experienced a long design development process, mainly the development of production technology and equipment. This new type of sterile disposable bottle is installed in a special assembly room, and the bottle body uses polypropylene materials, a snail cap, flange and cap cap, and the plant will expand the automated assembly equipment to meet the increasing The greater the needs.

This aseptic baby bottle of 125ml is the world's current first similar patented product, which is a crystallization called Cleiss Marley. This bottle is easy to punching the milk, and it can be discarded and should be provided with the corresponding accessories, which is convenient for milk or milk powder, and the boss of the bottle is used to protect the bottle clean and sterile until it is used. The thermoplastic elastic flange of the bottle has two small mouths, suitable for infants in 3 months.

Marietrics established a sterile bottle company to further implement specific design. Through review, his lightweight, wide neck, and easy irrigation, a patented.

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