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Beijing plastic packaging bottle professional manufacturer. MGG specializes in all kinds of food plastic packaging bottles, transparent plastic packaging bottles, sales price is very reasonable. Most users can be accepted. Protective leakage: If packaging materials include holes, cracks or caps and bottles It also has the possibility of leakage, so when making a packaging bottle, pay attention to his anti-leakage function. Antibacterial properties: the antibacterial performance requirements of the beverage bottle need to be gradually entered into intracellular cells by combining the anion of the surface of the microbial cell membrane, or with a group of cell sulfhydryl groups, such as the synthesis system of bacterial proteins and cell membranes, thereby Effectively suppress the reproduction and growth of microorganisms.

Beverage bottles refer to transparent folding boxes, cylindrical, heavens, and lifting cards for PVC, PET, PP, and PS. After processing, it can achieve good silk screen, bronzing, Scrub and other printing effects can enhance the user's appearance experience, as a packaging permanent durable, and can play moisture, waterproof, and have strong toughness, strong transportation, and improve product grade. Features. Let's take a look at the advantages and precautions for the use of beverage bottles. Beverage bottle manufacturers keep up with the development trend of the beverage bottle market. It has been recognized that the beverage bottle packaging presents functionality, protective, and decorative three-way development gestures.

In the face of this situation, manufacturers must actively grasp, adapt to the market as soon as possible, follow the market development trend, be brave in innovation, become a big winner in the manufacturer of beverage bottles. The development orientation of the beverage bottle is analyzed. Multilayer co-extrusion blow molding technology.

The products produced by multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding can meet the needs of the protection of the built-in substances. At the same time, it can also meet the novel needs of the appearance. It has good barrier performance, which can protect the quality of the inside of supplies, but also very Good visual effect. Green packaging material. Since the current consumers have high requirements for the environmental performance of the product, major companies have also begun to pay attention to the environmental protection of the product, on the one hand, develop new environmental materials, on the way, consider the recovery of materials, and strive to make the plastics on the market. And the packaging is green.

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