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Medicine plastic bottle professional manufacturer / processing plant, MGG, our factory produced by pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles and other products are reliable and have a wide variety. In recent years, my country's pharmaceutical plastic bottles have developed rapidly, and pharmaceutical plastic bottles have been packaged. Weight, no damage, health meets the special requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. At present, domestic pharmaceuticals, capsules packaging, have gradually realized the "plastic" era of "slope". Applying high-quality pharmaceutical plastic bottles, with reasonable bottle body structure design and perfect production equipment and mature techniques.

From the characteristics of the bottle structure, the characteristics of the molding method, and the molding process, the production process of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle as a whole process is analyzed. 1. Pharmaceutical packaging of pharmaceutical plastic bottles: Technicians of pharmaceutical plastic bottle manufacturers should first understand the chemical and physical properties of the production bottle packaging drugs, and the second should be clear that the raw materials and auxiliary materials of the bottle affect the drug packaging. If it is used to make a medicinal plastic bottle, the migration of trace elements will change the medical effect, and even a drug that endangers life.

Drug is a special product, producing pharmaceutical plastic bottles from each production process, meets the requirements of General "P", but also masters the style of relevant laws, regulations, 2, pharmaceutical plastic bottles And morphological structural characteristics: The shape of the pharmaceutical pharmaceutical plastic bottle is circular, square, elliptical, and the like. The bottle is the largest, which is characterized by uniform wall thickness, and the ability to absorb impact energy is high, and the production cost is low, but the effective area utilization rate of storage or transport is very low. The utilization rate stored in a square or rectangular bottle is high, stable, but expansion is more likely to occur.

The size of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is currently not clearly unified, usually based on user needs and drug properties. Ability In addition to the rated capacity of the medicinal plastic bottle, a complete ability, it is greater than the rated capacity, and some specific demand depends on the diameter of the bottle and the height of the bottle. Small and medium pharmaceutical plastic bottles, sequentially from the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, bottleneck, bottle shoulder, and analyze its structural characteristics in the fields of bottles.

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