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Qinhuangdao reputation is good food plastic bottle processing manufacturer, MGG produced food plastic packaging bottle, PET food plastic bottle, transparent food plastic bottle, food plastic bottle is reasonable, the quality is reliable, we will use your enthusiasm to serve you.< br / >At this moment, some major companies have begun to find a large number of human resources, a large amount of manpower, a mass resource, and a massive plan to grow in the product packaging design. This is a huge challenge for the Chinese plastic bottle packaging industry. The dynamic product development thinking should also be plastic bottles. Plastic bottles come from this chance, in the gift market consumers, so the high-end health products of the bottle are mainstream, such as transparent bottles, health products, acrylic bottles of glass bottles, high ends, such as metal cover health products. The product that needs to be packaged can win the market ZUI host.

However, any trend is a matter. The plastic bottle market is not a scale, the purchase of the elderly, and supplies health care products, media reports a long-term healthy product, and people will take more rationality. Easy to make health bottles are easy to operate in the mainstream market.

For resources of the whole society, it is also conducive to resource savings and environmental care. The main formation of plastic bottle equipment has the following types of plastic bottles: (1) extrusion blow molding, (2) injection molding, (3) pull the blow molding, (4) injection molding; The product structure is not a function. Small medicine plastic bottle operates the needle blow molding equipment pharmaceutical factory, because during the production of the injection bottle, pay attention to the injection molding apparatus of the bottle mouth, thereby ensuring the accuracy bottle, then mechanical configuration by the mandrel The blow molding bottle ensures the accuracy of the shape size of the plastic bottle, and the drug can effectively prevent the bottle from volatilizing and external gas penetration.

Since the needle blow molding machine requires a pair of semi-finished molds, blow molds, the cost of the device is a relatively high extrusion blow mold.

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