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Qinhuangdao manufacturing food plastic packaging bottle dealer, MGG industry leadership enterprises, food plastic packaging bottles, PET food plastic bottles, transparent food plastic bottles, food plastic bottles sold for many years, have been loved and focus on customers, and they have supported customers. Follow the impact of the world economy, the exchange of science and technology and culture and the growth of the economy, let the world full of opportunities and challenges, since 2001, China's intervene World Trade Organization, China has slowly integrated into the mainstream, economic technology of the international stage Get a rapid growth, urging the rapid growth and growth of all domestic wealth, including plastic bottle industry, inexhaustible level, the increasing improvement of plastic bottles today, plastic bottle packaging acts as a safe and easy product. China's growth in the plastic bottle packaging industry has led for 10 years, and look back and recalls that he recalls that he recalls 10 years, the speed is fast, and it has an ideal function. Looking for future growth in the plastic bottle industry, we need more fresh elements to make plastic bottles more and more adapted to the growth of modern market demand, more and more conformance to the era of growing tides, suitable people's operating habits and psychology.

It can be seen that the rapid growth of society has improved the packaging industry. The plastic bottle should also follow the growth of the times, keep pace with the times, so that the plastic bottle packaging is getting more and more perfect, more and more are full of grasp, reducing a lot of unhappy The occurrence of the phenomenon. The coating composition of the plastic bottle is the main policy of improving the bottle barrier function. In CVD Plastic Bottle, with silica coating composition (silica) and diamond carbon (DLC) and other materials.

The silica and aluminum oxide film are transparent colorless, DLC coated brown. For coating materials, alumina, high melting point, it is difficult to apply to the CVD process, and thus the main component of the silicon oxide velion coating is all options. The application of CVD steam plastic bottle coating can be pulverized into particulate shape.

Then, the purpose of retrofitting operation is achieved via process injection or blow molding. This reincarnation test process is tested by each measurement, and it is tested to check the function of plastic bottle recovery. The test machine can indicate items including transparency, optical, tensile strength, and thickness distribution.

In the coated plastic bottle recovery, the function shows that the data between these items is not too much. Therefore, this certificate has a chemical vapor deposition of silicon oxide and other problems in plastic bottles.

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