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Oral liquid bottle packaging design, packaging does not conform to behavioral habits. It is solemn, simple, and there is no excessive carving and powder decoration, so space is great. The pearl treasure, Jin Yu himself, often because it is not properly decorated, it is forther, the purchase person is embarrassed, and even hope.

Although simple is not the only specific norm, but the packaging of health products is goods, not art. Environmental packaging is most direct reflecting the level of concern for consumers, so companies are easy to get consumers. Consumption group only recognizes the colors.

The lack of systemicity in the plane design. Many health products manufacturers are more confusing in packaging design and branding. At present, the packaging of domestic health products has certain limitations in design.

The use of hue is basically fixed in a limited range of red, yellow, gold, white, black and other. Product packaging is also part of product quality, and the quality of the oral liquid bottle is not closed. It is well known.

Many product packaging quality is good, affecting the quality of product quality. Either packaging contains pollution and toxic components, and eventually affect product quality. However, there is a trend of trend, and the packaging and trend are not in.

Today's packaging is a business behavior. If you are quietly popular like environmentally friendly, you should not wait. The good quality and performance and role of oral liquid bottle production have prompted it to develop and advance from time to time to ensure an important role and value in the use of health products.

In recent years, the packaging development of the oral liquid bottle industry is very fast. Any packaging must be designed according to the market needs. After entering the industrial society, the commodity cycle of the market economy is shortened, and the product is also a product, due to the increase in manufacturer, packaging Also hit the company's cultural characteristics, market competition, and price wars forced merchants to continue to update their products and constantly transform packaging.

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