Food bottle packaging reasonable design is conducive to reducing food waste


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Currently, the entire society is advocating frugality, opposing waste. Food waste in our country is amazing, the whole society has been advocating CD action, reducing food waste. However, we seem to ignore the waste of food in the food bottle.

In fact, whenever we are drinking or a variety of foods, we have discarded them without using it. The amount of food that is discarded in the food bottle is also very large.   Food bottles in food bottles, the most important thing is people's consumption and life style.

This requires the publicity of the whole society to strengthen the propaganda of thrift ideas. However, this, food bottle packaging is also a certain responsibility. Through the improvement of food bottle design, reduce the waste of food, it is obviously more direct than letting people consciously reduce the formation of food waste concepts.

First, the capacity of the food bottle should be more reasonable. With the current people's nutrition, more and more people, especially those who loves beauty, so as far as possible, try to design people's eating habits capacity food bottles, it is necessary. Secondly, the quality of food bottles, the food bottle is open, with the entry of external bacteria, the food quality is rapidly reduced, and the food will corrupt deterioration in the short term, resulting in causing food, causing food bottle after opening. Sealed function and shelf function are very important.

Finally, food bottles are easy to carry, and food bottles are inconvenient to carry will lead to discard, causing waste in situations without complete food   The improvement in food bottle packaging is very effective for saving food and reducing food waste. However, this requires issues related measures to advance.

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