Talking about the foreign market for pesticide bottles packaging


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Currently, domestic economic growth rates are an indisputable fact. This naturally affects the development of various industries. For pesticide bottles packaging manufacturers, the domestic market is fiercely saturated.

How to open up foreign markets, especially those developing countries with rapid economic growth, is a nice direction. However, all agricultural policies and agricultural environments are different. This must be adjusted according to the environment in various countries, and launch pesticide bottles that meet local market regulations and market demand.

   The author wants to talk about Africa and some pesticide bottles in some countries in Southeast Asia. These places have developed rapid economic development in recent years, agriculture and planting industry have also been greatly developed. In addition, these regional labor costs are low and investment in foreign capital.

However, compared with the domestic agricultural market, these countries generally belong to scattered, chaotic, small, and plantations tend to be home-oriented, not forming large-scale planting. Therefore, in these places, pesticide bottles are mainly based on small capacity, and pesticide demand is also dispersed. If our pesticide bottle manufacturers promote large-capacity pesticide bottles to these places, it is obviously not in line with practical.

   For pesticide bottles, the policies and regulations in the local market must be observed.

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