Domestic blow molding machine should be thought


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Recently, a small friend circle with a news brush for the monopoly was fined 66,800 million, and many friends who made packaging machinery and packaging materials were cheered, thinking that the new round of market opportunities came. In this regard, the author has his own opinion, which is very similar to our current blower industry.   At present, the domestic bottle blower has a certain gap in technology strength compared to the multinational giants. In the European and American markets, these multinational giants monopolize the market's main share, our blow molder manufacturers are difficult to enter the industry.

Many of our blowers, the manufacturers always complain that these multinational giants are monopolized in the market and rarely reflect on their own problems. Our blowing machine industry has developed to have now been several decades, but it has been behind the European and American giants. This is mainly, many of our manufacturers are too urgent, and there is no long-term planning in the production technology research and development of blow molding machine.

   Therefore, it is better to do product development, continuously shortening the gap between the product development, constantly shortening the product development, constantly shortening the gap between enterprises.

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