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Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

With the continuous development of the industry, the equipment is constantly improving general plastic bottles such as mineral water bottles, edible oil bottles, etc., but the non-proportion of non-proportional bottles such as shaped bottles are difficult. So it is very focused on design, and processes. The superimposed bottle is the so-called shaped bottle. His maximum function is to overlap the bottle; this bottle is forming a PET material, why does the material of PE cannot be molded, because their molding process is different, the problem comes from the bottom of the bottle Structure, PET uses bottle core molding mode, and PE formation has a very large buckle problem to this bottle, but the adjustment of the process and the design of the product structure are also very challenged in the formation of the process. Huizhou Beauty has been verified successful and has been successfully sold in the market! Therefore, the improvement of the equipment is constant in today's industry, and the shapes of the bottle have also met the favorite of consumers, so the technology of plastic bottles gave us a big challenge! .

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