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PET, PP, PE Plastic Bottle Industry Related Knowledge and Manufacturers Corresponding Rule Plastic Bottle Application: 1. Health Products Packaging: Solid Powder Capsule Food Health Products and other packages 2. Food packaging: Leisure food packaging dried fruit cookies and other packaging 3. Condiment packaging: Pepper powder and other packaging 4. Cosmetic packaging: solid dilution, etc. Cosmetic packaging 5. Daily necessities package: shower gel and other packaging 6. Stationery packaging 7. Toys Packaging 8. Beverage Packaging Plastic Bottle Material Classification: Common PET, PP , PE, PC, PET bottle transparent, non-toxic, impact, no high temperature, generally mineral water, cola, peanut oil, cosmetics, cold filling, one-time use (not high temperature disinfection). PP bottle non-toxic, transparent, have a certain heat resistance and impact resistance, generally juice drink, shampoo, can be hot filling (very important to the juice drink), can not be disinfected with high pressure cooles, transparency is not good. PE bottles and PP bottles are similar, toughness is better than PP, but the rigidity and heat resistance are poor, solvent is good, and the plastic soy sauce bottle is like PE, temporary small water, kerosene.

PC bottle transparent, impact resistance, high temperature, material is more expensive, 5 gallons of pure water bottles for maximum, high temperature steam disinfection. Key to see what you want to install, there is no corrosive, appearance requirements, etc., what materials are used to decide. Plastic bottle manufacturer corresponds to the rules: 1. If you need to customize your own plastic bottle shape, you need to provide you with custom plastic bottles, gram size, payment mold costs, plastic bottles, mold costs, especially Packaging plastic bottle of health products food class.

2. If it is a plastic bottle that needs to be packaged, the plastic bottle manufacturer generally recommends the corresponding plastic bottle. The general plastic bottle manufacturers will send some samples to themselves, but express needs themselves, sample trials After that, I feel that the plastic bottle suitable plastic bottle manufacturer will be quoted, the quote of the plastic bottle is based on your quantity, or the amount of the plastic bottle itself is not very high, so it is important. Due to the large competition in the plastic bottle industry, many manufacturers have no strict control in quality, leading to a series of market chaos, so choose a high-quality supplier is the responsibility of the company, not simple for profits, to make companies lose Things.

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