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Solid medicinal plastic bottle manufacturers retail / wholesale price, MGG production of pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, PET pharmaceutical plastic bottles, solid pharmaceutical plastic bottle reputation, reputation is full, design reasonable, contact telephone + 86- 15916785363 Blow mold temperature, cooling water temperature of the cooling bottle at 5 ° C - 10 ° C, can be blown to the mold temperature control at 10 ° C to 35 ° C. Blowing pressure 1 - 1.2 Penny, injection pressure is 60 - 100 mp. About 80% injection pressure, pressure retention time should not be too long.

Since PET crystallization speed is fast, high injection speed is required during production. With increasing people to produce green and environmentally friendly policies for environmental enhancement and national environmental protection, it is conducive to degrading plastic containers to become a development trend. By discussing, biodegradation and extrusion blow molding, a biodegradable plastic bottle is developed, and the goods are in line with a plastic container product that often requires the function of biodegradable plastic bottles, and green environmental packaging. National policies in the material industry.

Guessing the production of plastic containers, the ratio of nanomaterials, increases the physical and chemical function of the plastic bottle, especially the protection performance, anti-chemical corrosion, and anti-UV functions, such as the resistance of the plastic bottle is also strengthened. It can reduce the necessary capital, and the goods are very developing. Introduction consumers know the content of plastic bottles, so that they should pay attention to the four aspects of the plastic bottle packaging label, which is not only responsible for consumers, but also the guarantee of manufacturers' product quality. The appearance of the appearance of the appearance of the outer table may be a standardized flat cover.

But in the plastic bottle appearance plan "Specifications", the label que is positioned, and there is no movement.

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